August 29th, 2011

This Tumblr has yet to really weigh in on The Classical, the embryonic web-venture I’m currently engaged in with a bunch of my friends and associates. Almost miraculously, our fundraising is past the halfway point. A site that doesn’t even exist yet, that’s promised little more than a snappy logo and some good, good names, has people very excited. And that’s exciting to me. The number we’re after is big for Kickstarter, big for “a blog”, decidedly tiny for business seed money. That argument’s getting tired; it’s a matter of perspective that’s not going to be settled anytime soon, if ever. Instead, I’m starting the week staring at the basics: In 14 days, The Classical has raised over $28,000—in August, during a recession, and through a hurricane. These contributions, as much as anything we can say, make The Classical that much more real.

If we hit $50,000, it happens. That is a force for good. It’s also important, though, that this level of support starts to define, and fill out, the community we imagined for The Classical. We don’t want to be your employees, but having good folks willing to ride with us does a lot to build momentum—and turn our big ideas into something more concrete. We’re already moving in that direction, and it’s a nice counter-weight to the constant begging and pleading for cash. No complaints here; that’s what we signed up for. But seeing these numbers as a foundation, or The Classical starting to touch down and find its real form, is what’s got me jazzed today. The raw numbers will only get more urgent, and yet at the same time, what we do have is proof positive of something more than just cash thrown our way. Every dollar makes us that much more human. You guys, too, even if the act of donation may go against every bone in your body. Please give!

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