December 25th, 2012

This Mean Something to Me

1. Ikea’s Expedit is the standard, affordable option for record storage.

2. Most places I’ve ever lived in either have floorboards or are slightly off-center, meaning the Expedit doesn’t line up flush with the wall.

3. This creates a gap between the wall and the edge of each “chamber.” If a record is pushed too far by accident, it can ding the corner of the jacket.

4. This could easily be solved by mounting a large piece of plywood, preferably painted to match the Expedit unit, upon purchase. However, that requires nails.

5. I have zero aversion to horribly rounded or missing corners but once-dinged corners are terrifying to me. Everybody loves imperfection but that’s different than liking NO LONGER PERFECT.

6. I now have a near-toddler, who sometimes pushes against a chunk of records and sends them all the way back. 

7. Here is the easy solution.

8. Take record mailers of various sizes. Fold out the larger flaps away from the inside until they form a u-shaped bracket.

9. Insert the mailer into a “chamber,” with the insider of the mailer (flaps closed over some cardboard) facing the wall. The larger flaps secure the mailer; the other side serves as a buffer with some give to it.

10. Put a chunk of records in and carefully push back. Check to make sure there isn’t still a gap. If so, use a bigger mailer. If they records are hanging over the front, use a smaller one.

11. Everyone will now be safe until the end of time.

12. Alternatively, just keep bangin’ until the wall-facing corner has been rounded down and breathe a sigh of relief. That sort of erosion can take a while, though.

13. Enjoy what you came here for!