April 19th, 2011

Last I posted this photo of Roy Hibbert, tricked by Google image search (and urgency) into thinking it was Paul George. No, it wasn’t a case of “they all look the same”—”they” being the Pacers—but wishful thinking on my part. I also put up a video of a very attractive, quiet African-American lady explaining that George only dates white girls, but felt like it wasn’t my place to fall into that discussion and took that down, too. There are certain side-splitting tweets that I won’t RT; I refuse to have an opinion about someone calling someone else an Uncle Tom. Good things to remember when you write about the NBA as a white person—one who bothers to acknowledge race, at least.

Anyway, I am now fine with this being Hibbert, as I’ve realized that this series is moderate boom-time for all signs of personality among the Pacers. I wrote about it on GQ.com. You can send me a caption if you want, but it kind of has to involve giraffes or ears hanging low.