June 17th, 2011

When I randomly got an email from Nadav Samin (you might know him as Siah, of Fondle ‘Em fame), it was all but inevitable that I’d write about him for Tablet.

May 26th, 2011

Yet another GQ.com guest today. It’s Nadav Samin, who recorded as Siah in the 1990’s. If this means something to you, we probably have a lot in common. Nadav checks in with an ode to Chris Bosh’s pump fake:

Like Chris Bosh, the pump fake goes under-appreciated. Used by an inside-outside forward like Bosh, the maneuver is the culmination of a strategy to keep the paint free for cutters and dunkers. Bosh forces big men to come out to him, and the game is then won or lost behind their backs. This is a really specific, and subtle, form of dominance, and that also happens to be the position that Bosh occupies on the Heat. Beyond Wade’s stupefying blocks and Lebron’s complete physical domination, it is that understated pump fake that defined Game Four for me.

There’s been so much focus on Bosh bringing the pain against Boozer, we’ve neglected to think about what this means, long-term. He won’t give you 30 points every night. But the spaces he does fill, and is learning to, will define his role with the Heat.